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Samantha Taylor

Last year was my first year to receive a box, my husband was deployed for the first time and I was going through a lot. When I received the box I went to my car and I cried, someone thanking me and acknowledging me meant so much. When I felt so alone and scared during my husband’s deployment Support Military Spouses made me feel appreciated, loved, and supported. I came again this year to receive another box, bringing a friend with me too. I appreciate what the people at Support Military Spouses do so much! Thank you for remembering us!


Cassie Carter

Got a shoebox for Military Spouses! Love all the stuff inside and the little notes made it special! Thank you for all that you do!

United Carvings

THANK YOU!!! Just received my shoebox of goodies. Was a bit taken back by the heartfelt card written by a girl in Middle School thanking my spouse for what he does in the service & that he is “Pretty Darn Cool” Being a military spouse definitely has it’s challenges & us spouses do prevail. Thank you for making me smile today & thank you to all the other spouses out there for all they do!

Melinda Henthorn

I just wanted to express my thanks for the wonderful gifts in the shoebox and for the heartfelt comments that were expressed this morning.  I think your organization is doing a wonderful job and I appreciate the effort you all have put forth to honor us military spouses. It is people like you that make our job seem worth while when we don’t feel that it matters. So again Thank You so very much!!

Melinda Henthorn
Proud Military Spouse for almost 20 years!!