Occupational Opportunities For Military Spouses

Job Search Tips for Military Spouses

occup-1-iStock_000019093769_SmallSecuring employment in a new environment and location can be tough on anyone—especially a military spouses for a variety of reasons. A few suggestions to assist in making the transition as smooth as possible, www.military.com/spouse advises the following:

Update your resume

Keeping your resume as current eliminates the hassle of having to update the document during the transition process.

Sign up with a temporary staffing agency

The advantage of seeking out a temporary staffing agency, or a staffing agency, is that you are able to meet as well as garner experience with potential employers. In addition, opportunities with temporary staffing agencies provide greater flexibility with employment, which can prove very beneficial to accommodating the demands of a military spouse.

Consider working from home (childcare, home sales, housecleaning, etc.)

As an entrepreneur, you are able to establish working hours as best for your family needs and demands. Make sure to learn and familiarize yourself with all state and legal requirements before starting the business to avoid the consequences for not abiding by them.

Building Your Resume:

The days of updating a resume and going to see a hiring manager are borderline extinct. To get the attention of the recruiter who refers you to a potential employer, requires a little research on the part of the job seeker, as well as some creativity. Three of several tips suggested by the Huffington Post are:

Use keywords that match the job description 

On average recruiters spend approximately six seconds looking at a resume before deciding whether to continue (or end) a

candidate’s job application process. Additionally it is very likely for a resume not to be viewed by recruiters as a result of filtering unless “keywords” or phrases directly matching the position’s posted description are included.


Include unusual jobs from your past 

Whether the experience is relevant to the career field desired or not, your experience is still experience and has afforded you a skill that can be transferable to the position for which you are applying. Customer service experience is probably the most transferable skill, as well as the probably the easiest type of desirable skill to garner.
Don’t use odd fonts 

Yes; you want your resume to stand out, but not negatively. Avoid using fonts that are hard to read or understand. An employer would rather ignore the document as it requires too much of their very sparse time.For more tips and advice, visit the article posted on the website by clicking here.

Optimal Resume is a one-stop location for building yourself as a professional brand. The site offers assistance with building (or updating) your professional resume, creating resume websites, online portfolios, and a host of collateral and marketing to secure the career you desire.

Military Spouse Friendly Employers:

occup-3-iStock_000015376817_SmallBelieve it or not, there are employers that are favorable towards hiring military spouses. A great resource that will aid in the locating of those employers is www.Military.com/spouse. The site contains a listing of all employers with favorable disposition towards employing military spouses. Listed among those employers are companies such as:

Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union
Apple, Inc.
AirTran Airways
Bank of America

Using Social Media:

LinkedIn is a professional online networking site on which users create professional profiles with the option to make them private (limited only to those they know and are connected to) or public, which makes the profile searchable by employers. The site also provides profile owners with job search tips, job listings, and other resources for securing professional employment.

For more information, click the link to go to the LinkedIn website.

TalentHQ.com is an online news and information channel for the recruiting and human resources community. The site provides tips for securing employment with potential employers by sharing the information potential employers most desire from employment candidates. A few of the suggestions listed on the site include:
Read the job description before applyingoccup-4-HiResMake sure that description is one that you are most qualified for, rather than focusing on the position’s title. This will also help with refining your resume to meet the qualifications the employer is looking for.
Listen to opportunities 

The site suggests that even if you are content with your current employment position to continue to listen to for employment opportunities. Life is full of change, so when change has to happen, it helps to have an alternative plan in mind.

Research the company before interviewing 

Before sitting down to discuss employment with the company,
make sure to have an understanding of exactly what it is the company does. Knowing what the company does, helps in understanding how you can enhance the achievement of the company’s mission, vision, and other goals.For a more detailed list, click here to go to the company website.