Shoeboxes For Military Spouses

“My children had been so excited to see what was in the box. To all of our surprise, most of the contents were for me. This was not very common. I wanted to send you this to say ‘Thank You.’ I cannot begin to explain to you how special it made me feel.” ~ Chana, A Military Spouse

Your Gift – Creating Smiles

A simple act of kindness on your part can hep make life a bit brighter for a military wife or husband.

As you consider preparing a shoebox, we ask that you pray for the spouse who will receive your gift.  You can use a small plastic container or standard size shoebox. Wrapping is optional; however please wrap the lid separately. Please do not seal the box. Place a rubber-band around each closed box.

For Her or Him

shoeboxes-image001-29Determine whether your gift will be for a military wife or husband. Ninety-five percent of all military spouses are women, most of whom have children.

Gift Ideas For a Military Wife

Pocket size New Testament, travel size body wash/shower gel, travel size fragrance mist and splash, travel size bubble bath and soaks, small shower sponge, small room fragrance candles, travel size fragrant hand sanitizer, gift card, brace- let, earrings, jewelry set, scarf, sample size bags of coffee. Please enclose all liquids in a plastic zip-top bag.

Gift Ideas For a Military Husband

Pocket size New Testament Bible, travel size shower gel, sample size bags of coffee, non-breakable mug, gift card, sports magazine, cookbook for grilling, chef’s apron, flashlight with batteries, gum, breath mints. Please enclose all liquids in a plastic zip-top bag.

Include a Note of Encouragement

We encourage you to include a personal note of appreciation for their sacrifice while their loved one is serving to protect our country.*Please do not include used or damaged items, chocolate or food, out-of-date candy, medications, vitamins, breakable items, aerosol cans, knives or weapons.

Include Your Donation

Please give $7.50 or more for each shoebox to help cover ministry, and other project costs. Make your check to Support Military Spouses and place it on top of the items inside your box. You can also donate online. All donations are tax deductible. If you would like, also include your contact information with your email to receive ministry updates, and additional volunteer opportunities straight to your email inbox.

Send Your Shoebox To:

Support Military Spouses

P.O. Box 395
Apex, North Carolina 27502